Harley Reagan- A Healer & Teacher Still Fondly Remembered Till This Date!

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There are a few people that are teachers and healers at the same time. Such people are rare to find however when you get in touch with them you feel a soul connection that you have never felt ever before. These people have a magnetic charm that even when they leave the world, their spirit lives on to motivate, inspire and even lead their students and followers who miss them every single day!

Harley Reagan- A man who was much more than just a teacher

Harley Reagan is still remembered fondly in the martial arts fraternity and by his group of loyal followers- The Deer Tribe Metis Medicine Society. He was a man who was the pillar of wisdom, strength, generosity and knowledge. He founded the DTMMS with the sole motto of leading people to the path of spiritual awakening and invoking the true potential that they have hidden inside them. He said that every person is a warrior and by connecting with Grand Mother Earth you can lead a life of joy, bliss and peace.

Spreading the light of wisdom and knowledge till today

He along with his fellow group of spiritual teachers and healers known as the Twisted Hairs spread the message of peace and love across the world. His teachings, publications, workshops and meditation practices have benefitted people of all tribes and ages from across the world. He along with the Twisted Hairs that come from all tribes in Northern, Southern and Central America introduced the Sweet Medicine SunDance Path of Turtle Island. This is a Path that is targeted for spiritual awakening for men and women from all corners and parts of the globe.

Those that have known him personally state that he was one of the most generous and kindest souls that they have met. He was also a loving person who had immense wisdom and knowledge. He is known for his insatiable appetite for curiosity and this is the reason why he used to read a lot of books. However, when he read books, he never confined the wisdom or even the knowledge he learnt to himself. He was a person who always shared his teachings and views with all and sundry.

His Deer Tribe Metis Medicine Society focuses on healing medicine and practices for people of all ages. He has successfully been a mentor and guide to millions across the world. He has managed to unlock the secrets of happiness and bliss with his healing workshops, publications and techniques. He is dearly loved even till today and the very mention of his name invokes tremendous love and respect.

Harley Reagan was a man of deep wisdom and knowledge. Though he no longer in this world, his teachings, ideologies and meditation practices live on. He was a man who had deep love for everyone. He was loving and devoted to teaching and helping people not only from America but across the world too. He led an extraordinary life and is fondly missed even till today!

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